Local Events

Duns plays host to the Jim Clark International Car Rally in May each year when the parade of international cars is held in the town centre. The town centre is closed to private cars on the Friday of the week-end rally to allow the cars to compete through the town on the Duns “special stage”. www.jimclarkrally.com


The annual “Reiver’s Week” is held in Duns each year in July and is a celebration of “The Riding of the Marches” when there are a number of local ride-outs to historic points around Duns. The week is full with a variety of events including crowning of the “Queen”, culminating on the last Saturday with an open air concert where local families gather in the town square to chat, eat and drink together. www.berwickshirenews.co.uk


At Christmas there is a great show of Christmas lights around the beautifully decorated town square where the Christmas tree, donated each year by the Hay family resident at Duns Castle, is subject to a ceremonial “lighting”.


Duns Motocross Track is one of the finest Motocross facilities in Scotland and is located at Langton Lees Farm just 3 miles north of Duns. The organization hold championship events throughout the year and the MX track is available for practice, weather permitting. mailto:[email protected]






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May 17, 2013

Wonderful, luxury accommodation in beautiful surroundings.